This is about the special long episode. If you are looking for the sequel or power, go to this page.

Things get much weirder
1, Episode 4
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The Chicken war
Shrimp and Aces
Taco Power Disable. „ 

— Taco Truck Driver

This Episode is a special long episode. it has the debut Michal, Taco Driver,and the unofficial Debut of Nyan Cat.


It starts with Big Mouth and Chickenman speaking if they want Taco's. Chickenman gets the Chicken copter (Mark I) flying after the Taco Truck. Then crashing into a mail truck hitting Nyan Cat. Big mouth has an Idea. They start chasing the Taco Truck to Hitch Hike it. Then they learn it is Evil, trying to kill them. They run down an alley, where Michal the chicken eater appears. he turns into PAC-Man with the Taco Driver teaming up with Michal to chase them down. Then escaping until The Taco truck runs Big Mouth over.

Chickenman finds a Donkey to escape, but is hit. Chickenman climbs up a wall, but the Truck uses Taco Powers to climb up. Chickenman tries punching it but it fails. Then chased around the world until seeing Michal who attacks Chickenman. He runs from the beast to NASA, which launches Michal. Then The Taco Truck chases until it loses Chickenman, but it will have its revenge soon...