The Small Universe (Pilot)
Season 1, Episode 0
Episode Guide
Season 0
Complete Fudgy-ness!

The Plot

It starts with on a U.F.O. from Pluto flying at Earth. The crew is Mad Baby Big Mouth and Yimmy flying down to Earth. Yimmy attacks Big Mouth crashing into Goo Boo Fred while golfing, falling down the Golf Hole. Then The U.F.O. flies over Hatching Village burning Chickenman. Then crashing into a Sewer hitting a Man into a Pipe. he wakes up as Slime King eating Yimmy whole. Then Slime King turns giant.

Meanwhile, Goo is stuck inside the Golf Hole, so he is making it his home. First he makes his bed, putting an Elmo Alarm Clock on. Then a Police Man appears trying to get Goo out, but pulls the whole House out. Then Chickenman reports to the Officer about Yimmy. Then a giant Yimmy fights Slime King, ripping the Gold Chest plate out destroying Slime King.