Season zero, as it is named, has been the rarest season. It was before the Pilot, In the first stages. It is hard to find but these have some characters had to be returned. It had not have the imprisoned Slime King. The base is designed like a cruiser. In this, Chief had died soon by Big Mouth. It ran 2015 to 2016 before cancelled.
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Moose Tribe

The Most Important was the Moose Tribe, a group rivaled with the Hero's (As they called the C.P.O.E.) that never got a special appearance. An unreleased part of the Thanksgiving special showed them cooking one and eating him. It was scrapped. It stopped before the summer of making them. A few characters got much bigger roles, such as Michal from the credit crew.

Credit Crew

Michal had only appeared in the credits eating Greeny and Slimy. A important and recurring character was President Ice Cream Machine, but in the Main 0 episodes only in The Museum of Doom and a unnamed one. Michal survived the erase of the Crew, as a Main Character in Season 1. The Crew had been replaced by the Song Chickenman riding a Donkey.



He has super speed and a Big Mouth

Credit Crew Debut


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There where a few Specials, when first Thanksgiving (See paragraph moose tribe for details) and a Christmas. The Christmas had One appearance of Slime King. The final episode of Season 0 was led to canceling it, Where it had a Giant dragon. Another was similar to Complete Fudgy-ness! about Mr. Fudge and the final appearance of president Ice Cream Machine. A unfinished had two Big Mouth's in a Area.

Season 0B

One episode of Season 1 that had been Cancelled called "The Tale of two Big Mouths" had been unreleased, one reason could be Big Mouth 2 rotting apart that was too gross to show, or them finding a Time Hole with Time Demons attacking them. Another Reason could be it was not a good one to start with, and was forgotten.

Main article: The Chicken war#Cut Scenes.

Also a part that was In the Chicken war, they cut out Mad Baby Big Mouth and Moose Man chasing them in the fight, mainly Moose Man did not fit with out the whole tribe, and Mad Baby to not have connection with the Tale of two Big Mouths.