James Guller
Species Nationality
Human (Before Accident) Food Humanoid (After) Dark Empire
Occupation Relationships
Super Villain Mr. Cookie, Food Beasts (Children)
First Appearance
Complete Fudgy-ness!
Destroy him, that little Chicken! „ 

— Mr. Fudge,Complete Fudgy-ness!

Mr. Fudge is a character from the episodes of Crazyness.

Episode 1:Complete Fudgy-ness!

As he, James Guller was driving, Chickman fought the Fudge Monster, when the Monster fell and snapped the Bridge James was on and hitting James. He fell into the Ocean turning into Mr. Fudge.

Then after, at the Base Fudge attacked with Food Beast and Fudge ray's. Big Mouth was hit and turned into Chocolate. Chief dodged quickly, but fell in a Maple Syrup pond, Drowning. Then Mr. Fudge took the bodies, and Suddenly G.S.I.A.G.H. appeared with a flamethrower sending him away.

Between Episode 1 and 4

Mr. Fudge tried creating a exact clone with his DNA, but failed making his Son Mr. Cookie. Then soon they entered the Dark Empire to take Revenge. Then he was found out by the Police capturing him.

Then after a few day's, the prison exploded with the Empire escaping, with the Police finding Mr. Fudge's trail.


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  • Mr. Fudge is the Third to face the C.P.O.E.
  • He is the second Character to not be based off of the C.P.O.E.