Complete Fudgy-ness!
1, Episode 1
Japanese submarine I-361
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The Plot

It starts with Chickenman driving. Suddenly his car falls off by a Fudge Monster. They fight with then Chickenman, he is thrown at a Car. Then the car hits James taking form.

At the base, Chief comes out of a Japanese Submarine. Big Mouth is tied up in a chair some Syrup leaks. Then the Soda machine spray's Coke Cola in a Humanoid shape, Then the Soda turns alive. Chief pulls a pocket knife to cut Big Mouth out. Then Giant Gummy bears attack with Chief cutting the Bears. The Machine attacks.


Soon Mr. Fudge hits Big Mouth into Chocolate, then Hits the Chief into Syrup. Soon afterward, G.S.I.A.G.H. appeared and burned Mr. Fudge.

Character List

  • Food Monsters


  • This is the first episode to air.