Big Mouth (Jinji Yakou (Possibly))
Species Nationality
Humanoid Beast, Human (Possibly in Beach of the dead) , J.S.D.F
Occupation Relationships
C.P.O.E. Officer None
First Appearance
Complete Fudgy-ness!(Final), The Small Universe (Pilot) (Prototype)
That was a good enough Reward for me. „ 

— Big Mouth,Beach of the dead

Episode 0

He and Yimmy are flying through the sky fighting in the U.F.O. causing Chaos until falling in a sewer. He is not seen afterward.

Episode 1

Big Mouth is seen at the Base to not eat them until he can prove he is a hero. When the Base is under attack, he is untied. He eats the Coke Cola machine and more Beasts until Mr. Fudge turns him into Chocolate. He turns back to normal offscreen.

Episode 2

He is driving to Neon Beach, eating every Stop Sign. When a Kid is drowning, Big Mouth eats the Lifeguards with Chickenman saving the Kid. When it rains sharks, they use Big Mouth as a Human shield, but when the Zombies attack, Chickenman uses Big Mouth as a Sled. At the end, while the Medal Holder gives them Medals, When Big Mouth gets one, he eats the Medal Giver whole.


  • Big Mouth has a Drivers Lisense, but it is unknown if he stole it or he is Jinji Yakou.

    Big Mouth's Car

  • His favorite food is cheese balls and burrito's
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